Three Businesses Break Ground

We’re excited to announce the groundbreaking of three new business at Riverwalk Carolinas. The recent uptick in development kicks off with the decision by accountant Bernie Ackerman to build a $3.5 million building in the emerging River District area. Ackerman broke ground for the BNA building at Riverwalk with about 150 local residents watching and participating.

In addition to Ackerman’s five-floor building, a second 36,000 sf building will be the future home of Baxter’s Grapevine Wine Shop & Wine Bar, a local running group and a spa.

The Charlotte Business Journal also covered the recent purchase of a third building by two York County developers, the nearby pump house.

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Elliott Close of the former Springs Industries family and developer Colby Mosier plan to open the restaurant as soon as later summer 2015, according to one source with knowledge of the project.

David Williams, lead developer for Riverwalk owner the Assured Group of Companies, says the restaurant would be a definite plus for the young $600 million development on the former Celanese industrial site.

Williams says plans call for using some of the unique features of the pump house in the design of the building. The structure is cantilevered over the Catawba River at the U.S. Highway 21 bridge. Other details of the project, including the name for the eatery, weren’t disclosed. Neither Close nor Mosier could be reached immediately for comment.

“It’s got the potential of being the best restaurant in York County,” Williams says. “We’ve always envisioned that type of use for the river pump house.”


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